Brand identity for Parisian theatre company ARCAT.

ARCAT stands for Atelier de Recherche et de Création dans les Arts du Théâtre which translates into: working group for research and creation in the field of the theatre.

Established in 2001, ARCAT is an association driven by artistic proposals offered by Murielle Bechame and fellow artists. The project involves discussing issues raised by researchers working within the field of social sciences.

Client: Atelier de Recherche et de Création dans les Arts du Théâtre

Coming from different backgrounds, they have met and discussed several thematics with the desire to see emerge other comprehensions, other apprehensions and to propose alternative forms of artistic creation within various places and situations.

The forms of creation are diversified and open: from tales to a more classical set creation, from street interventions using cardboard to plastic installations or videos.

Those performances come alive in a variety of places from a field to a town square, from a grand silo to a tree, a library, a theatre (a proper one), a theatre (with nothing), a festival (so nowhere?), a shed, a church, et cetera.

The values ARCAT are looking to reflect are the artistic research and the fact that they are looking for new ways to create in different directions and in particular by giving a voice to people who do not necessarily come from an artistic background, in order to involve new audiences, especially audiences who don’t usually go to the theatre.

The end result is a logotype that represents a double headed tree.

This tree reflects the idea of interdependency between the top and the bottom and that it shows that one can not exist without the other as they both nourish themselves from the other.