Nice to meet you. I’m Ernest.

My designs and approach are a reflection of myself: calm, playful, open-minded and meticulous.

As a kid, I loved to draw, first dinosaurs and then graffiti. I drew because it was fun but also to understand things. For me to really grasp an idea I need to give it an actual shape.

Essentially I do the same for my clients, mostly creative people with genuine passion and vision. They believe in what they do and have a story that is worth telling.

Listening to my clients I get an intuitive sense of what that story is really about. I further explore that initial hunch by experimenting with various concepts and ideas.

It’s like when I climb walls in my spare time: I figure out what works by playing with different approaches. I have come to trust that the right path eventually reveals itself.

Once it does, I want everything to be just right, down to the very last detail. I am thorough in my execution and satisfied only when a design has a natural order and calm to it.

My clients tell me that my work gives them a better understanding of themselves. I am proud of this and that it allows them to bring something of value into the world.

The name Studio Goleq honours my Indonesian roots. Wayang golek are shadow puppets from Java used in storytelling. They are part of my personal story, just like I am part of my clients’ professional story.

Get in touch.

Ernest Wennekers
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