Fundament Agency is committed to back fashion entrepreneurs to reach new heights and opportunities.

Through their tailored services, Fundament works with retailers and brands to set up the fundamentals for a successful and innovative fashion business. From planning the strategy to walking down the catwalk, Fundament accompanies their client’s progress to high-end results.

AOKi Denim

AOKi Denim has one mission and one mission only: to design the dopest denim for kids between 4 and 18 years old. Their denim is developed to fit like a glove, for kids who stand out from the crowd.
AOKi encodes outstanding quality and timeless style, embracing minimalism mixing it up with a touch of 70’s, 80’s and lots of art. AOKi positions itself as demi-couture. Details are very important, as well as the highest quality of fabrics.


The branding concept for Grindhouse skateshop started with the design of the Grindhouse typeface. Inspired by 17th century blackletter, this typeface is a modern take on a classic. Designed specifically to bring the brand into modern times while maintaining their European heritage which sets them apart from their US competitors.


FORS – De vriendelijke kracht van beveiliging! (The friendly force of security!) FORS is security done differently, with personnel not only acting as muscle, but also taking on a roll more in line with a host. Security with a smile!

Food meets Paradise

Food meets Paradise offers catering services based out of Rotterdam. They specialise in Surinamese and Caribbean cuisine as well as lavish sweets and custom cakes. Using only fresh and organic products, every menu – small or large – is made to order.

Fleur van Roon

Fleur van Roon is a family- and children’s coach. Her goal is to help both parents and children resolve different problems within the family structure. This will make sure the love between all family members will flow naturally once more, thus giving every individual the opportunity to live from their core.


ARCAT stands for Atelier de Recherche et de Création dans les Arts du Théâtre which translates into: working group for research and creation in the field of the theatre.

Established in 2001, ARCAT is an association driven by artistic proposals offered by Murielle Bechame and fellow artists. The project involves discussing issues raised by researchers working within the field of social sciences.